Be proactive. Learn how to protect
your children.

We are not immune.

Guided by rabbanim and professionals, Lishmor is a non-profit community resource created to address and prevent abuse in the Lakewood community.

Our services


Awareness Events

Lishmor organizes awareness events presented by experts in the field of sexual abuse.


School-Based Safety Program

Lishmor & Magen Yeladim offer an abuse prevention program to educate school staff, students and parents.


Training and Networking

Lishmor provides awareness and educational seminars to clergy, educators and community advocates.


Neighborhood Workshops

Lishmor hosts neighborhood workshops for parents, giving them tools to keep their children safe.

Giving our children the tools they need to stay safe.



Lishmor has partnered with the following schools to present our educational programs.

Schools participated in Lishmor programming
Safety workshops
conducted in 2023
Social workers attended a Lishmor training
High school teachers attended a school staff workshop
Mentors were trained by Lishmor sponsored safety workshops
Boys schools participate in bimonthly staff safety training


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