"Lishmor is an incredible program and was extremely beneficial for our school.  They sent someone to talk to each class and arranged parent and staff training.  Our parents feel safe sending their boys to school knowing that we are informed on what to listen out for and how to respond.  Lishmor is crucial for every school!"  

─ L.W. Principal

"We brought LIshmor into our community to help bring awareness before the summer began.  It was extremely informative.  Thank you so much for this valuable resource that will help keep our kehilla safe." 

─ Community Rav and Rebbetzin

"Thank you so much for the safety workshop for parents and students.  Whoever gave the workshop to students must have done an excellent job because our daughter explained everything to us so clearly! She went through the ABCD’s and gave her own examples of practical application. We also went through the Trust Tree. Thank you for making safety education part of your curriculum and giving our girls the tools to keep themselves safe."

─ Parents letter to school

We wanted to thank the team at Lishmor for their magnificent program and pass on the positive feedback we received. Our staff and parent body alike were extremely satisfied with the lessons and the clear and friendly way it was given over.

As a host school, we found the training and management of the program to be professional and the staff very warm and making our staff feel at ease. We also appreciated the sensitivity of the staff who were well prepared to go into the classrooms at a level of excellence. We feel fortunate to have had the benefit of a close-up experience of the Lishmor training program.

From Mrs. Leah Mandel, our lower elementary grades principal: "The Lishmor Program was a child friendly program that presented very important information in a way that made the children feel safe. We got wonderful feedback from many parents, letting us know that their children really benefited from this information. The Lishmor team members were professional, organized and supportive of our staff members and students alike."

The program is designed in a way that the lessons are developmentally appropriate for each grade. The students were enthusiastic and collaborated with the presenters. It is beautiful to have a program that can work universally in every school, across the elementary grades and keep our children and community safe. We would definitely recommend this program to other schools.

─ Nachlas Bais Yaakov